Extreme Couponing, Are You Watching?

UPDATE: Check out Marci’s Thoughts on TLC Extreme Couponers. Would you like to get started couponing? If so, also be sure to check out the “Welcome New Readers” article. It’ll help you to get started!

Ok, this show is going to get me all fired up!

After watching the almost seven minute long preview, this is not extreme couponing it’s more than that!

I have a problem with the stockpiles that grow beyond 10 deodorants, 20 packs of toilet paper and hundreds of jell-o’s. Seriously C’Mon?!?

1. Sales come around again. Typically the sale cycle will come back around in 6 months, if not SOONER!
2. Stockpiling 1,500 deodorants is just pure wasting space in your stockpile. You can get FREE deodorant EVERY MONTH at SEVERAL stores.
3. Toilet paper that is from floor to ceiling is just ridiculous. Granted it doesn’t expire, but, again the sales cycle comes back around. I know the days of FREE Cottonelle TP are over, but, $.50 for a 4 pack is still a GREAT PRICE.

Because of these “extreme couponers” it gives you and I a bad wrap. I can no longer go to my local Kroger store because the NEW manager thinks that when I place a special order that I’m going to sell the products at a garage sale. I’ve tried to educate the Amelia store manager on more than several occasions of who I am and what I do!

Please Nathan, let me know what stores let you special order 1,100 boxes of cereal or even the 300 tootbrushes! I can’t even order 60 Crest Toothpastes! Inquiring minds wanna know since we live in the same area!!!

I personally donate items to several food pantries on the east side of Cincinnati and welcome Nathan and Amanda to participate in a donation drive with us to donate items from their stockpile and clear some space!

Be sure to watch Extreme Couponers on TLC tonight at 8 pm EST. I’m sure I’ll have some more response to this evening or tomorrow morning!

What do you think? Feel to share your comments!


  1. I get so upset when going through craigslist and see people selling what I know they paid nothing for!! So many people need ‘stuff’ that others are stockpiling?! That’s just wrong!!

  2. I believe that many of the vendors at Traders World (and other flea markets) are just reselling their purchases. Some of these people have mental health issues (addiction, hoarding) etc. that society somewhat uneasily accepts as they aren’t living in filth, shooting heroin, etc.

    I don’t have cable, so if there is a link to the episode available, please post.

    (I note on the TLC site that the show that follows this is “My Extreme Addiction – eating toilet paper”. Lovely.)

  3. Oh ladies, trust me, I know! I’m sure there will be more for me to comment on once the show airs and will publish another article with the link to the entire show once it becomes available!

  4. Marci, the next time you are doing a donation drive let me know. We generally give thousands of dollars of product away to local food banks and charities and would be happy to give to any cause. Nathan

    • Nathan, I knew you would get to see this article and thank you for stopping by! You have been invited to several donations drive that I have participated in and never showed or responded to any of the invitations from mutual “couponers/bloggers” and the invitations stopped being sent. I will be participating in donations drives every month as this month we are supporting the Bread of Life Food Pantry in Mt. Orab, Ohio. If you would like to make a donation to the charity of the month, let me know and we can make arrangements to meet!

  5. I was just curious if all that gets donated out of anyones stockpile is food? I was just wondering because I have been using my coupons to start up a free store at my local church. It consists of everything but food.{body wash,shampoo,cleaning supplies, and etc.} I have no where I can store it to even keep it so I give it. Alot of times the deals are so good I cant pass them up. Thanx.

    • Hey Angela! That’s great you are starting a pantry…it’s a lotta work but in the end so totally worth it! I’ve donated everything from personal care items to baby formula. Folks are in need of everything we can give and are grateful for whatever they can receive! Great job paying it forward.


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