Becoming Mom Review | Hold The Pickles Pedicure & Get That Glow Facial

With being dehydrated for months on end & not being able to shower properly with the PICC line, my skin has taken a beating from this pregnancy. I was so glad to get the Get That Glow Facial because I’ve been getting dry patches on my skin and also been battling acne because of the Zofran {plus I had acne when I was a teen…boo!}. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical on how my skin would look and feel so I gave it some time.

When I left Becoming Mom I actually felt a lot lighter. Not only did I get a facial, but, I got paraffin on my hands and feet to soften those tough puppies up. Much to my surprise, I also got a massage of the face, neck, shoulders and legs so I was so thankful for that! I also added on a Pumpkin Enzyme treatment and was a little skeptical since I’ve been sensitive to smells. But, the aroma was a pleasant smell and put me into a relaxed state! I really really enjoyed it 😉

By the end of the facial I felt so relaxed and “light”. It was just what I needed to feel a little better about myself and so glad that I did it. I’ll actually be going back to get another facial right before the baby is born to make me beautiful for all those pictures that’ll be coming our way!

Now it’s been a week and my skin hasn’t had one single patch of dry skin. I’ve also been using the Naturopahtica Oat Facial Polish every other day along with the 3 step Clinique products and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my skins appearance. I was even complimented by two friends of mine on how great my skin looks and that I’m “glowing”. I guess they don’t call it “Get That Glow Facial” for nothing!

The next service I received (a week later!) was a Hold The Pickles Manicure and I also got a manicure while I was there. Again, much to my surprise, I was given Graeter’s Ice Cream…that’s right I had ice cream while I was getting a pedicure, how great is that? I wasn’t going to eat any being that it was 11 in the morning, but, my new BFF, Renee, pushed me and I ate the whole thing!!!

Marci and Her New BFF, Renee

Again, I got paraffin on my hands and feet and they haven’t felt better. My hands no longer have dry patches on them and are so soft. My cuticles are not dry and that’s a first in a very long time!

I felt so pretty walking out of Becoming Mom and totally recommend getting pampered during pregnancy. I didn’t do any of this when I was preggers with Mini Me and totally wish I would have. For me, pregnancy has been a chore this time around. Being pretty much in bed for 12 weeks, hooked up to IV’s and medicines, and getting depressed has played a number on me mentally and drained me physically. Becoming Mom has allowed me to feel human again and beautiful in my own skin, which is priceless.

I want to Thank all of the women at Becoming Mom for being so generous and caring during this time and letting me tell my story! You ladies know what pregnant woman want (you’ve been there!) and how to make me feel beautiful, so thank you for that. See ya’ll soon!

My next service is a 3D Ultrasound which we’ll do in the middle of August and something I’m really excited about and can’t wait to share with all of you, so stay tuned….

Be sure to visit for salon services and check out the Becoming Mom Boutique. They’ve got some adorable clothing and super cute diaper bags {to bad I already have 2!}. Also, like “Becoming Mom” on Facebook to get updates on sales! Even if you don’t live in the Cincinnati area you can check out the other locations.