Back to School and My Kids Individual Style :: #jcpback2school

Think back to before you were a grown-up… before you forgot what it was like to dream big. What was it like when you were developing your own personality and sense of style? That’s the magic of being a kid and the start of each new school year for our children is full of new possibilities. That’s the kind of fresh individuality in all our kids and it’s worth celebrating. Our children’s sense of style is fueled by imagination—where the options for self-expression are limitless. I remember when I was a kid and shopping for back to school. I was always nervous about what my style was and if I was going to fit in. My sister on the other hand didn’t care about what anybody thought and wore what ever she felt like. Back then, I could never have done that. Looking back I am glad that she had the courage not to care what others thought, specially when it came to school. Because we all know how kids can be. Having three boys is where I think I lucked out.

Although it is still July, we have already begun the back to school shopping process around here. With three boys, back to school is pretty easy around here, two of them have to wear uniforms, so I lucked out there! But they still require new shoes, backpacks and supplies that will help them express their own individual style. My oldest has a more laid back, surfer style while my middle is more sports wear. We could start our own store with the amount of Cincinnati Red and Cincinnati Bearcats clothes we have. Shoes just have to be “cool enough” in a color that they like.

My little one has been in camo pants for about a month now. Even though it is 100+ outside, he still has to wear his camo. I believe it it his new phase, we just left Dino World! He is pretty easy to dress too. Camos and a tshirt. His style is partly my style or what I like for the tops. At least he won’t fight me on that.

Boys seem to have it easier than girls when it comes to fashion. I think part of it is up until a certain age, they just don’t care what they wear. If I bring it home then they will eventually put it on. Even if the pants don’t match the tops.

Heres a typical conversation at my house:

Mom: “Please go change your outfit”

Boys: “It doesn’t have to match, Mom”

Mom: “Please go change your outfit”

Boys: “It’s not an outfit, they are clothes”

There are too many oh so cute clothes out there for girls. I would be bankrupt because I would have to get it all. So I am thankful for boys, at least for now, until they hit those teenage years and looking good for the ladies phase kicks in!

Tell Me About Your Child’s Style!

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