Coupon 101 | Maximize Your Savings with Manufacture Rebates

In order to maximize savings you’ll need to submit manufacture rebates to receive money back on a purchase that you previously made. These are often during specific dates and on new products, however, there are companies who offer you a money back guarantee and that’s something to take advantage of if your family doesn’t love a product.

Where Do I Obtain Coupons?

Look Online

To find out if a company is offering a rebate do a online search {like} and type in the company name with “rebate” or “manufacture rebate”. You’ll also want to head directly to the companies website if you aren’t satisfied with a product and let them know your thoughts. Don’t look at it like you are making a complaint, but, that you are helping to make a product better.

You can also check out one of my fav sites, These ladies keep an updated list of the current rebates being offered and do a great job!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled in Stores

When shopping you should always keep your eyes open for rebates on products, blinkies, and tearpads that are located throughout the store. Did you know that in Ohio companies that produce alcohol can offer rebates instead of coupons and that’s how they offer you a way to save!

Sunday Newspaper Inserts

Your Sunday newspaper inserts often have rebates for you to clip. I often put these rebates behind the coupon and when I redeem the coupon have the rebate ready to go with the receipt and stick in my bag inside my binder. Once my groceries are unloaded I’ll fill out the short form and submit for my rebate!

It takes less than 5 minutes to gather information for a rebate and often times is more than $3. Yes, it’s worth $3 to me, for my 5 minutes.