Back 2 School | Student Bullying Infographic

From Buckfire & Buckfire in Michigan, comes an infographic about Student Bullying in the U.S.

Student bullying in schools in the United States is a serious issue and very prevalent in our school systems today. The statistics show that a student is bullied every seven minutes in our country and that most bullying occurs on playgrounds.

So: Do you have any tips on how to handle a bully?


  1. Gladys Parker says:

    It looks even worse on paper. I tried telling my son that the ones doing the bullying are insecure and have issues of their own but it did not help the effects it had on him. So much of it passes right by the teachers and even if it don’t it often makes things worse. My sons teachers made a big issue of it and my son hasn’t been bullied in 2 school years thankfully but unfortunately he is in high school so part of it was just that the students were getting older not that the intervention was 100% effective.
    Gladys P