New Season of Extreme Couponing | Did You Watch?

Some of you may remember my rants about the shame of a show they call “Extreme Couponing” on TLC last year. Incase you missed it you can read them here and here. While my thoughts can be found all over the internet I’ve chosen to AVOID the show in it’s entirety since then. I WILL NOT promote this show as it’s NOT.THE.NORM.

Everything about the show is a way a couponer SHOULD.NOT.SHOP. If you wanna know why I have a PROBLEM WITH TLC’S EXTREME COUPONING show I list them in my Couponing VS. Extreme Couponing article here.

Now that the show aired last night Jill Catalado once again has pointed out the couponers on the show have in fact used FRAUDULENT COUPONS. Although we shouldn’t expect anything less this show has got to go! I went ahead and posted on TLC Facebook page:

“For those of you viewers who think the Extreme Couponing show on TLC is REAL – I’m here to tell ya…it’s NOT! These folks are using known FRAUDULENT coupons and being allowed to do things at stores for the promotion of being aired on television. In a typical day I’m limited to 1 transaction an the like of 4 coupons at my local Kroger stores because of the original airing of this horrid of a tv show. While I in fact DID NOT watch the show last night, I’ve read many REPUTABLE couponers thoughts who did and we as ETHICAL COUPONERS are ashamed at what has been allowed. If you continue to mislead others by this show ALL companies will take notice and not offer their customers coupons and if they do it’ll be limited much like what Proctor and gamble have done. You are known as The Learn to Cheat Channel in my eyes….SHAME ON YOU TLC, SHAME ON YOU!”

Now let’s see how long it takes to get a response!

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