Christmas Gift | $189 Step2 Deluxe Kitchen & $4.99 Shipping (Ends 9/23/12)

// The best gift that I’ve ever given Mini Me has been the Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen she received last year….well, it was from Santa, but whateva! Mini Me plays with the Step2 kitchen every day. It’s in our playroom downstairs and now that Sissy is able to pull herself up on things she’s even beginning to play with it. I’ve got a funny story for ya below if you’d like to read it!

The deal is Step2 is giving you $30 off the purchase of a Step2 Deluxe Kitchen. The original price is $219.99 with $4.99 shipping. Use code S2DW91712 at checkout and you’ll pay $189.99 & $4.99 for shipping. This is a great deal on this kitchen and trust me it’ll last a lifetime!

If you don’t want to order the Deluxe Kitchen you can save 10% off your purchase at when you use the code 0812PJX at checkout. Hurry this offer is good only until 10.1.

My story in short – a few weeks ago I pulled out the Fisher Price Play Kitchen for Sissy to use so Mini Me could play with her Step2 Kitchen. Well, I came out of the laundry room from doing the worst chore known to mankind and what did I see? Mini Me was playing with the baby kitchen and Sissy was playing with the BIG girl kitchen…isn’t funny how kids operate? Please tell me yours do the same thing!