Sign Up For Wittlebee (Kids Clothing Club) & Save $10 Off Your First Month

// So when it comes to kids clothing and saving money there’s two places to go –   Thredup and now If you like to save money on kids clothes without having to leave your house you’ll wanna read further!

Here’s how it works – you tell the stylists the size and gender of clothing you are looking for, what piece of clothing (long shirts, leggings, dresses, pants, etc.), which colors you are looking for and even print for each monster child. They then use that information to create a box for your child. Within two weeks you’ll receive your first box. Every box will contain around $100 in retail value. At $29.99 for your first box (use this link – you get a discount cause you know me!) and then $39.99 a month after that it’s a great deal. For even better news every box ships for FREE!

You can cancel your subscription at any time and get a replacement box if you aren’t happy with the one that you received. However, I have had a lot of Mommies tell me about the website and the greatness that the boxes contain.

There’s no arguing in the store, no melt downs to be had and you save money on gas cause the box comes to you! Now that’s a shopping experience I’d love to have EVERY TIME!



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