Print Those Shopping Lists

Have you checked out the Guide to Becoming Addicted to Saving Money? If not, you’ll want to take a few moments and check it out. It has some really good information that I teach beginner couponers. Even if you are a “coupon queen”, I’m sure you’ll find some useful information.

I have fallen in love with my lists. It keeps me organized and an easy resource to turn to every week! Be sure to print out your Shopping List and hang it on the refrigerator to add items as you are running low on or those much needed items!

Also, be sure to print out each individual store lists. This helps me to see what exactly I am purchasing at each store and my total! Keeps me organized, which is my #1 tip!

Click each store you would like to print or save:

Kroger Shopping List

The Kroger Shopping list has a column for Mega Sale Items. I know hard keeping track of how many Mega Sale items you have put into your cart (I always have to count even as I use to put tally marks down!). I think this is the easiest way to keep track. I fill that column out as I am shopping, because there may not be enough product to put into your cart.

Meijer Shopping List

There is a Special Sale item in this shopping list. This can be used if the sale is a One Day sale, if you have to do multiple transaction (trans #1, Trans #2, etc.).

Target Shopping List

The Target Shopping List includes Target Coupons as well as a gift card column. This will help checkout go a lot smoother if you know what gift cards you will be receiving.

Walgreens Shopping List

This list includes manufacture coupons, Walgreens coupons (Instant Value, In Ad and In Store) and a Register Reward column. The Register Reward column should be used for the Register Rewards you will receive at checkout. This is very helpful from having to go back to the store!

CVS Shopping List

Just like the Walgreen’s Shopping list, there is a Extra Bucks column specifically for Extra Bucks that you will receive at checkout.

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