Coupon 101 | How to get the Door Store!


I went to my Kroger store on Saturday night and when I was finished checking out, I asked for next week’s ad. I’ve never been given a problem until then and was unable to get it. This didn’t make since to be considering those who are lucky enough to get the Door Store have the ad as early as Saturday morning.

So I asked the manager about that and she had me fill out a form and they would give my information to the correct person.

Well, I just got a phone call (THANK YOU ART!) and said that I should receive it this weekend! So, if you are not receiving the door store, simply go to the Customer Service desk at Kroger and let them know you would like to fill out the form to start receiving the door store!

You can also call the Door Store directly at 513-731-1200.

I must admit, I’ll be like a kid at Christmas if the Door Store infact arrives at the end of my driveway on Saturday! This will help me get matchups done sooo much faster.

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  1. My door store never comes until Sunday, sometimes even Monday. I’m so jealous of the neighborhoods that I see them hanging there on Sat! I’m not sure where you live, because you never do Marsh’s or Jungle Jim’s, but I know you can get the Marsh’s ads mailed to you, I do this. If you’re interested, I can get the information. Let me know.

  2. Jill French says:

    Great post! Upon searching I found this post with the phone number so you can call directly.

  3. Kristina says:

    Thank you soooooo much. I wondered what happened to the Door Store as we abruptly stopped receiving it over a year ago!

    • Kristina, it has never made sense to me. I have several friends who live in our neighborhood (toward the back) and they always get the door store. Here I am as little as 3 streets away and have never once received it. Apparently, they don’t know who I am 😉

  4. my mom recently filled out a paper at kroger’s to receive the door store, she only receieved the door store once. can you tell me what happened to her getting it or where she can puck one up????

  5. Call 513-731-1200 that is Door Store customer service. I just called & the gentleman was very nice. I would get them every Saturday morning & 3 weeks ago it just stopped. They said they will make sure I start receiving them again.

  6. The door store is a nuisance. I myself like getting them. However, most of the people in my neighborhood do not. How do I know this? They leave them in their yards for weeks and dont pick them up. I walk the neighborhood often and pick them up and pitch them.

    They dont often even make it to peoples yards. This week most of them are in the street and gutters. On one of our streets they are in the street right of way, not in a persons driveway. Our township has indicated they often end of in our sewer system which eventually may have to be unclogged due partly to these door stores.
    Between rain, wind and lack of interest around here those ads reach practically no one. I