Inexpensive Decorating Tips For Your Home this Valentine’s Day

When it comes to decorating for a holiday I love to go all out. It is especially fun when you have children at home to add their thoughts and ideas about where items should be placed! Plus my daughter has some wonderful ideas on how to make each holiday a little more festive! Valentines is one our family’s favorite holidays and during the month of February you will find cupids, candles, and candy around every corner! Sounds like something you might be interested in? Here are a few ideas my daughter and I have come up with to get you started!

  • 1- Candles are my favorite for this time of year! Pink, White, and Red are my top three choices of colors!
  • 2 – Flowers! Any kind of flowers will do! Place them around your house to make it more inviting and enjoyable during the month of love! If you are in the mood to purchase fresh flowers keep in mind that mixed bouquets or lilies can be less expensive and most usually will last longer than some other flowers. Ask your florist for their opinion as to what will last the longest.
  • 3 – As you are decorating the inside of your home try not to forget about the outside as well! Placing a heart shaped wreath on your front door might just bring a little affection and a smile to the faces of those who enter!
  • 4 – One item I love to purchase for my February decorating needs is a package of paper lace doilies. Why? Because they can easily be placed under vases, candy dishes, knickknacks, or candles for a quick and easy revamp of a room!
  • 5 – Doilies are not the only item that should be on your craft store shopping list this time of year! While you are their pick up a box or two of faux rose petals! This can be placed in numerous places as well!
  • 6 – Candy placed in clear glass bowls around the house can be another way to add a touch of Valentine’s Day to your home. Candy companies are at an all time high this time of the year and it will not be difficult to find the perfect candy for your home decorating needs.
  • 7 – Now is the time to pull out some of those stuffed animals you might have around your house. A cute stuffed bear will be a cute addition sitting upon a couch or chair.
  • 8 – This is the perfect time of year to get away with pictures of hugs and kisses! Do you have pictures of you and your honey snuggled together? Or even the kids being cute and loving? Frame them! Place them around your home to remind your family of the wonderful times you have all had together!
  • 9 – Window clings! I love window clings! They are another item that can be purchased at an inexpensive price and will add a touch of decoration to the corner of a picture frame or even a bathroom mirror!
  • 10 – The month of love is not just about what you can see but also what you can smell! I love to place potpourri around my home. Potpourri can open up your senses and help to bring in a little romance as well!

I hope that these tips will help you to bring adoration and love into your home during this romantic holiday! Even just a few of these ideas can spice up a room and add a little tenderness!

About The Author:

Marina Chernyak is the co-owner of 1001Shops LLC, an online store of fine imported products like Fedora hats, Panama hats and Murano Jewelry.