Shop Smarter at the Grocery Store

Are you limited to time in the grocery store? Do you pick up items that sound good at the time? How often do you go to the store hungry? What do you tend to throw out every month? All of these are key factors to take into consideration to maximize savings at the grocery store.


This is often a question beginner couponers fail to answer. Before I started couponing I was spending in upwards of $150 a week in groceries, baby necessities, health & beauty items and everything in between.

Once I started “couponing” I realized that I had been spending WAY to much money and decided that I needed to cut my weekly grocery bill. After about three months of couponing I was down to paying around $35 a week, per person, or around $100. Now I am paying about $20 a week per person, or $60. Plus, I grab $5 worth of products a week to donate to local pantries.


Do you menu plan ahead of time? If not, you should start immediately. For me, I menu plan for seasons. For example, we tend to eat a lot more roasts and soups in the winter months. In the summer months, we grill out A LOT {no, like A LOT!}. So I take that into consideration while I’m watching for sales and also paying attention to my stockpile.

Another way to plan ahead is by having one day a week, every week, designated to shopping. Whether you are shopping at one store or multiple stores, make it the same day every week. By doing so, you can prepare ahead of time. By planning your shopping trip and your menu planning these are just a few ways to maximize your savings and becoming addicted to saving money!

Winter Recipes

Chicken Over Rice
– Chili
Marci’s Spaghetti Sauce
– Chicken Tortilla Soup
Garlic Potatoes & Green Beans

Summer Recipes

Garlic and Onion Potatoes
– Chicken and Steak Ka-Bobs
– Italian Chicken
– Potato Salad
Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad
Marci’s Famous Chicken Salad (almost always on hand during the spring/summer months. Great go to dish!)

Being that Spring is amongst us, we will begin to see condiments, grillings meats, buns, cheese and so much more come on sale. This will allow me to begin my stockpile for the Spring and Summer months.

Not only do you need to menu plan for the week, but, you should really do it for the next 2-3 months. By doing so, you’re able to grow your stockpile by purchasing items for around 75% off! As you begin to stockpile, you will notice you aren’t needing to get so much at the grocery store, allowing your budget to diminish as well!


I’ve created several printable shopping lists for you to utilize at the grocery store. This will help you breeze through the grocery store and know exactly what you need to purchase and know the total you should expect to pay. By creating a shopping list, you’ll stick to a budget and not go over board!


Once you have created your shopping list, pull your coupons for the items that are on your list. Put them in order from the way your store is laid out. Then as you are putting the items in your cart, put the coupon off to the side so that you know you’ve already grabbed that item! I do this every time and it saves me sooo much time, in addition, I don’t forget anything.

However, just because you have already pulled your coupons, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your coupon binder with you into the store. Which leads to me my next topic!

KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED {sorry, I had to!}

Keep your eyes peeled for items that are marked down. This often happens in the meat department, produce and every thing in between! A few months ago Pampers were marked down for $4.47. I had a few $2/1 Pampers coupons in my binder which allowed me to score for $2.47 a pack, that’s un-heard of! If I had left my coupon binder at home or in the truck, I wouldn’t have gotten such a great deal.

When you are pacing up and down the aisles, keep your eyes peeled for peelies, tearpads and blinkie machines. If you are shopping with a child, have him/her grab all the coupons they find! This allows your child to be pre-occupied during the shopping trip and also adds coupons to your coupon binder!

Now that you are armed with ways to shop smarter while grocery shopping you’ll be able to spend less.