Understanding Kroger Ecoupons

Understanding how Kroger eCoupons work can be a little confusing. But, here’s what you need to know:

To find the Kroger eCoupons, head over to Kroger.com, click on Instore, then Coupons, and then the image that says “Introducing All New Digital Coupons”.

1. The coupon is valid one time only. Once the coupon has been redeemed, that’s it!

2. Kroger eCoupons DO NOT DOUBLE.

3. If a coupon states $.50/2, this means you must purchase 2 of the item to receive the $.50 discount.

4. When loading Kroger eCoupons, keep in mind that it takes about an hour for the coupons to be active.

5. Kroger eCoupons, CAN NOT be combined with any other coupons (paper or Cellfire, Shortcuts, etc.). When you try to do this, the register will beep alerting the cashier there is a problem.

6. After you’ve checked out, you can look on the bottom of your receipt to see if the Kroger eCoupon has been taken off.

7. You can only save 150 Kroger eCoupons. So be sure to click on the products your family will purchase.

Did I miss something? Feel free to leave a comment if you are not sure of how Kroger eCoupons work.


  1. Michelle says:

    Actually im pretty sure that you can use the Ecoupons and Paper coupons together…i have bought some things and seen my receipt at the end and teh ecoupon came off as well as my paper coupon!

  2. Low and behold there is in fact a loop hole! YAY!!!!!!!
    Ok here is how it works……..
    Have the cashier ring all your items,
    then had her your stack of coupons…………..then give her your PLUS card.
    If you have her ring your coupons first, the computer doesn’t notice that you have already used a coupon for that item and you are able to use your paper coupons and the ecoupons at the same transaction.

    Try it, it worked for me 🙂 Hopefully it will work for you too!