Save Yourself | Debit Card Holds When Paying At The Pump

John Matarese did a story last night on WCPO and thought it would be great to bring this to your attention as well.

For years gas stations have put a “Pre-Authorization” or “Debit Card Holds” onto your account when you select “Debit Card” when paying at the pump. This allows the gas stations to put a hold on your account. For some the bank hold is as low as $1, while others go in upwards of $150.

If you are running low on funds, this can cause your account to be overdrawn and occur overdraft fees. When filling up on your next tank, be sure to read the pump. Most stations will let you know there will be a hold for “Debit Card” uses.

What are your thoughts? Have you incurred this Debit Card hold?


  1. This happened to me while in Toronto, Canada a few years ago. It was a nightmare!! It also caused overage charges since I had swiped my card twice, it charged an extra $300 without me knowing. It was a horrible!

  2. Mary Darlene says:

    Thanks for the post, I had no idea this happened so I will be sure to use the “credit” button from now on

  3. Oh my goodness,I will be SURE to use the “credit” button now.Thanks for posting.

  4. I think that managing your money is hard enough without “hidden measures” adding to the challenge.