I’m Spending Time With Family VS. Watching Extreme Couponing

A fellow blogger of mine, Tara at DealSeekingMom.com, wrote an article and it inspired me to jump on board and let ya’ll know why I’m also not watching Extreme Couponers tonight.

Tonight will be spent curled up on the couch watching American Idol with my growing family and it may even possibly involve a little Cookies N Creme ice cream {hey, I’m already fat and pregnant and enjoying every minute of it!}. I will not be tuning into Extreme Couponing for the fact the show makes my blood boil and I’ll wanna leave negative comments all over the web tomorrow!

The show “Extreme Couponers” portrays couponers who live an EXTREME {Defined as: going to the utmost or very great lengths in action, habit, opinion, etc.} lifestyle. If one spends 4 hours a DAY planning a shopping trip, that’s EXTREME and need to spend more quality time with friends and family. It’s more like maybe a half an hour to plan a shopping trip and gather coupons a WEEK.

There’s also the fact that apparently every show will show shoppers clearing shelves and that alone makes me angry!!!! There is no need to clear shelves and purchase more than what’s used in a 3 month period. Sales cycles come around at LEAST every 6 months. For many products, it’s more like 3 months.

Another negative is that shoppers are going to misuse coupons for watching the show and actually believe they aren’t doing anything wrong. This is have manufactures continue to limit how many coupons can be used in a single transaction and we will loose all these valuable coupons. Have you read a P&G coupon lately? Only allowed to use 4 like coupons in a single transaction!

“Extreme Couponing” is leaving a bad taste in a lot of bloggers mouths and we wish that they would actually show more of how to properly coupon and also the great of donating can do to a community. Many say they do it, but, saying versus doing are two different things!

If you are looking to getting into saving your family money, check out my Couponing 101 articles. This shows you what IS the norm, how to save money weekly and not just at the grocery store!

What are your thoughts on the show? Will you be watching?


  1. I watched the initial episode a couple months ago and it made me so mad. There was a man from NKY that was donating his food but everyone else were basically hoarders and were clearing the shelves and not thinking that maybe others would want to get a good deal on a couple items. Some of them were buying over a 100 of the same item. I think they totally made people who are using coupons to save their family money look terrible. I am totally with you I would not want to watch it either it makes me cringe thinking about it.

  2. Heather J says:

    I won’t watch the show anymore. I watched the initial epidsode and it infuriated me! There is no reason ANY person needs to buy 100 butterfingers!!!! I just hope I run into some of them in the store! ; )

  3. I totally wish this show portrayed folks who actually donated the items and would teach folks how to score these deals the correct way. I totally agree, no need for 100 butterfingers or even to special order 1,000 boxes of cereal. I mean really I can’t even get my Kroger to order more than 30 of an item and we all live in the same area (within 20 miles!). I know it was probably special circumstances for the show, but still, that’s just ridiculous.


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