Kroger | Cincinnati Region Coupon Policy

This is in response to the Kroger Rumor Mill article I wrote 2 weeks ago. It is NOT okay to “stack” e-coupons with manufacture coupons.

Our coupon policy varies by division. The policy for stores in your area is as follows. Please note that this policy is our most current; however it is subject to change without notice. The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the quantity of coupons or items used or purchased in a single transaction, by a single customer, or in a single day.

Double Coupons/Manufacturer coupons:

o       Manufacturer coupons of $0.50 or less will be “doubled.”

o       Manufacturer coupons of $0.51-$1.00 will be redeemed for $1.00.

o       Manufacturer coupons over $1.00 will be redeemed at face value.

Ø       This does not apply to “free”, Kroger, Catalina, Retail Food Store coupons, electronic coupons on the Kroger Plus card or items prohibited by law.

o       The only coupons that would be doubled that say “do not double” are the blinking ones on the shelf.

Ø       Any other coupons brought into the store that state “Do Not Double” will not be doubled.

Pharmacy Coupons:

o       Competitor pharmacy coupons are not accepted.

o       LCM or Competitor Coupons may not be used in conjunction with our $4 Generic Program.

General Coupon Policy:

o       Limit one (1) manufacturer coupon per item.
o       Items must be purchased in sizes specified on the coupon.
o       Amount refunded cannot exceed the price of the item.
o       Expired manufacturer coupons are not accepted.

If we are having a BOGO sale and a customer has a BOGO coupon for the same product, the customer must still pay for two of the items. In this case, there will be a total of four items for which two are purchased and the other two are free.


o       We only accept printable coupons if they scan properly at checkout.

o       We do not accept “free product” printable coupons that have no purchase requirement.

Ø       Buy-one-get-one-free coupons and other values that have a purchase requirement are acceptable but will be MUCH less common than traditional value-off coupons.

o       We do not accept coupons for more than about 75% of a product’s value without advance notice.

Ø       Legitimate PAH coupons will not be for a high value relative to the cost of the item. For example, a $2.00 off coupon will be acceptable for a product that normally sells for $5.00 or more, but a $2.00 off printable coupon for a product that sells for $2.25 is unlikely to be legitimate.

o       Coupons will be rejected if they appear out of proportion or blurry, or are obvious duplicates.

o       Legitimate PAH coupons are never copied, sold, or traded. Nearly all coupons are “non-transferable,” meaning they should not be photocopied or scanned and distributed to others.

o       Coupons will be rejected if they appear to have been altered in any way.

PAH coupons can be checked for validity at:

ONLINE COUPONS versus PAPER COUPONS (All Divisions EXCEPT Dillons.):
o       The online coupon will always take priority over the paper coupon. Stacking is not allowed, will not work, and will only lead to angry customers
o       There is a limit of one electronic or paper manufacturer coupon per item.
o       Digital coupon and manufacturer paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item.
o       If a Customer has loaded an electronic coupon to their loyalty card, then the electronic coupon will apply BEFORE the manufacturer paper coupon.
o       A digital coupon cannot be removed from a transaction once redeemed
o       If the electronic coupon and manufacturer paper coupons are applicable to the same item, the system will give the discount based on the Electronic Coupon.
Ø       Cashier will receive a “B736” Electronic Manufactures coupon already applied message once the manufacturer paper coupon is scanned.
Ø       An operator override will need to be performed if the manufacturer paper coupon needs to be accepted for Customer Service reasons.


  1. bonnie wabnitz says:

    Just to let you know that isn’t exactly Cincinnati/Dayton regional policy~more like national~call and confirm I have, in result have boycotted Kroger’s until they change it ~you can only use 5 like newspaper coupons /2 like printed coupon per day per manufacter.


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