Frugal Gift Idea | Creative Photos For Any Occasion

So if you read on the Cincinnati Coupons Facebook page the other day I’m beginning to get into photography. I have a small digital camera and going to be upgrading to a digital SLR in the near future {like, when I find a deal!}. Anyhow, since we are going to be staying put in our home for awhile longer I’ve lacked putting up any new photos of the Loehner family. This is a great inexpensive idea for you to use for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays or any other special occasion.

I took photo stock paper and printed out the letter “D” and “A” in two different colors. Mini Me and I then headed outside and had our own little photo shoot and had a great time. I’ll then take these photos and frame them in a collage setting and give to Jason on Father’s Day {hopefully he doesn’t read this!}.



Feel free to share any of your fun frugal gift ideas by leaving a comment below! I love hearing how creative ya’ll are!


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