Coupon 101 | Grocery Staples You Can Freeze

Did you know that you can freeze butter and shredded cheese? I have been doing this for almost 4 years and have not ever had a problem. I simply unthaw the butter and cheese in the fridge without fail. I love the fact that I can stockup on these two essential items and not have to worry about using it before it goes bad!

Check out some other items you can freeze:

  • Breads (including hamburger, hot dog buns and sandwich
  • Capri Sun drinks
  • Cereal/breakfast bars
  • Cooked Pasta (love doing this for freezer meals)
  • Eggs (I typically scramble and make a filling for burritos)
  • Fresh Herbs (did this last year with Basil!)
  • Meats (including pre-packaged lunchmeat)
  • Milk (be sure to use about a cup before freezing to leave room for expansion)
  • Most Produce (considering cutting and freezing)
  • Nuts
  • Whipped Cream

The typical rule of thumb is if you see it in the frozen food aisle it’ll freeze well. However, you may need to cook/blanche certain foods like apples, bananas, potatoes, etc.

What grocery store staples do you like to freeze?


  1. Rachel Benson says:

    I didnt know I could freeze butter. My rule of thumb is whatever is frozen in the froz. food aisle can be frozen too.


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