Coupon 101 | Creating Your Own Price Book

So I’ve been couponing now for a little over 3 years. It’s still simply ahhh-mazing to me that I am able to purchase items and save at least 50% when doing so. Once you have couponed for 3 months you will begin to recognize sales cycles and get good at the prices you want to pay versus what the store wants you to pay.

By creating a Price Book and adding items that you purchase the most, you’ll begin to save yourself a little more money. A Price Book is a guide that will show you if the price you’re going to pay is worth getting enough to get you by or if you need to stockup! Here’s a little guide that I’ve started.

Please feel free to leave a comment below on items in your Price Book and I’ll add to the list.

Baby Items

Baby Food/Formula — I plan on making my own baby food when the time comes with the second child. I breastfeed so we’ll be saving money on formula. However, I did get a few bottles of Similac Ready to Feed that was FREE with a $5/1 coupon a few months back.
Diaper Rash Ointment — have been brand loyal with Desitin and pay under $1. However, I did purchase A&D ointment for less than $.50 at Target a few months ago.
Diapers — I typically pay $5 per package or less when I am stocking up {already have a stockpile for baby #2!}.  Anything less than $0.10 per diaper is usually considered a good deal and less than $0.08 per diaper is usually a great deal! Amazon often has amazing diaper deals to watch out for that you can buy for free if you use your earned Swagbucks! Also, using your Register Rewards or Extra Bucks is a great way to not NOTHING for diapers!
Wipes — $1 for 64 wipes for Pampers or Huggies wipes. However, I just stockpiled (20) Huggies wipes when they were $.49 each at Kroger a month ago!


Kids Juice – $1 or less per 64 oz. bottle.

Coke, 12 pack – been awhile, but never paid more than $2.50

Gatorade/Powerade – $.75 or less.

Vitaminwater – $.50 or less.

Cleaning Supplies/Paper Products

Aluminum Foil — $0.50 or less for a 20-foot box.
Cleaning Products – $.50 or less. These go on sale at Meijer and Kroger a few times a year. I also make my own.
Dishwasher Detergent — I stockup when these are FREE at the beginning of the year. However, $1.50 is a good price for a box of the  tabs. What do you pay for box of powder?
Dishwashing Soap — $0.50 or free. These are usually on sale at CVS and Walgreens.
Laundry Detergent — I typically pay $1.50 for a bottle of 32 loads. This includes Wisk and All. However, I also have lots of FREE Tide trial size.
Toilet Paper —  I never pay more than $0.25 per roll.
Kitchen Trash Bags — I get a BIG box at Sam’s Club that usually last the entire year. What do you pay?
Paper Towels – Typically pay less than $.49 for a roll.
Window Cleaner — $1 or less for Windex.
Zipper Bags — $1 or less for Hefty One-Zip.

Dry/Canned Goods

Bread — $1.40 for name brand, $1 for store brand (includes buns).
Brownie/Cake/Cookie Mix — Never pay more than $0.50.
Tuna — Starkist in a pouch is FREE.
Cereal — $1 per box or less for name brand cereal.
Chocolate Chips — $1.50 for Nestle morsels. These go on sale around October until December and can be bought for around $.99. These also freeze well!
Crackers — $1 per box or less.
Ketchup — $1 for a bottle of Heinz.
Mayonnaise — $2 for Hellmann’s.
Mustard — French’s regular & spicy brown mustard is FREE.
Oats — $1.50 per canister or less.
Pasta — $0.70 per box or less for Barilla.
Peanut Butter — Not huge peanut butter fans – What do you pay?
Soup — $0.25 or less per can for the larger, heartier soups.
Spaghetti Sauce — I make my own – What do you pay?
Syrup — $1.49 for name brand.
Taco Seasoning (dry packets) – $.50 or less for Ortega.
Tomato Paste/Sauce — $0.15 or less per can
Tortillas — $0.99 per package


Frozen Pizza — Totino’s $.50 or less, Tony’s $0.25 or less, Totino’s Pizza rolls – 15 ct., $.49 or less.
Frozen Vegetables — I pay $1 per bag or less. However Steamfresh bags are usually $0.50 or less.
Ice Cream — I usually purchase Homemade pints for $1 or Kroger Brand for $2.50 or less.
Skyline – $1.99 for a box

* Check out the Items You Can Freeze article to help you grow your stockpile and add to your bottom line!


Beef, Ground — 93% lean beef when it is on sale for $3.69 per pound or less, 85% when it is on sale for $2 per pound or less
Chicken, Boneless Skinless Breast — $1.99/lb. or less
Chicken, Whole — $5. You may wanna price a already cooked chicken at the deli as it may be cheaper {no seriously!}.
Roast — $3 per pound or less. I love when Kroger runs their BOGO FREE sale!
Pork — $2 per pound or less.


Bananas — The prices fluctuate so much on these. Typically, it’s around $.45/lb.
Grapes — $1 per pound or less
Salad — $1.19 per 8 oz.-ounce tub/bag or less.  Head of lettuce for $1.60 per head or less.
Salad Dressing — You can typically pick these up for $0.99. However, I’ve been paying around $.50 for a bottle of Wishbone or Kraft.
Strawberries — $1.50 per carton or less. However, been paying about $.50 a carton. Head to a local farmers market and freeze!
Tomatoes — In off-season, $0.99 per pound or less. We visit our local farmers market and get for much less!
Watermelon — $2.99 for a seedless watermelon that is medium to large in size.
Carrots — I pay $0.99.

** If you have a Aldi in your area, take advantage of their prices on produce! **

Refrigerated Items

Butter — Use to purchase Land O Lakes for FREE, however, been paying $1.20 for Country Crock big bins. Did you know you can FREEZE butter?
Cheese — I refuse to pay $3.50 for a bag of cheese. I will buy a 8 oz. bag of Kraft or Sargento shredded cheese for $1.49 per 8 oz. However, I freeze cheese and paid $.99 for each bag that’s in my freezer.
Cream Cheese —  Watch for tons of sales starting in October. You can pick them up for $0.50 or less. If using for baking, another great item to freeze!
Eggs — $.99 is a great price for me!
Milk — $2.50 per gallon
Sour Cream — I usually pay $1.29 for Kroger brand.

Toiletries/Personal Care

Band Aids — Typically, I get these for FREE at Target for children’s band aids. However, $0.50 for a 30-count box is a great price.
Bar Soap — Again, typically these are FREE at Target and Kroger. You may expect to pay around $0.50 for a 2-3 pack.
Cough Drops — $0.25 per bag or less
Deodorant — I couldn’t tell you the last time I paid for deodorant was. Drugstores are great for getting these for FREE!
Floss — FREE! I haven’t paid for floss in over 3 years and a great staple for donating!
Liquid Soap — I use to get these for FREE, however, as of late I’ve been paying $.45.
Mouthwash — We have been using Crest Pro-Health and been paying $2. However, if you want to use trial sizes, typically FREE – $.49.
Pain Reliever — We use Aleve and Excedrin and pay $1 per bottle or less.
Razors — I never pay for disposable razors. I wait for sales at the drugstore and also have picked them up at Walmart. The hubs uses a electric razor!
Shampoo/Conditioner — This is a tricky one. I pay $.75 or less for L’Oreal for Kids for Mini Me, $1 or less for Johnson & Johnson {baby} and $1 or less for Gillette, Nivea or Old Spice for the Hubs. However, I pay $17 for a bottle of Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner from my salon. However, I use to pay $1 or less for Pantene, John Frieda and Herbal Essences before hand.
Shaving Cream — I use to get these for FREE, lately it’s been $0.50 for Gillette or Skintimate. Yes, I’ll use mens shave cream!
Sunblock — I get the trial sizes for free. This works so much better and allows me to stick in my purse, glove box and bathroom cabinet.
Toothbrushes/paste — I haven’t paid for Crest Toothpaste or Reach toothbrushes in 3 years!

To begin your own Price Book be sure to print this template I’ve made for you. Keep it in the front of your coupon binder and fill out after every trip.

** NOTE: Not everyone will have the same price points as it varies by region and the products that you actually purchase.