Eastgate Jungle Jim’s Is Taking Shape

I’m so excited to have such a unique store being built within about a 10 minute drive. Growing up my family would frequent the Jungle Jim’s that’s been in place on Route 4. I have fond memories of watching the monkey inside talking, walking upon the HUGE giraffe and the other “attractions” out front and all the food! For some reason the pretzel rods stick out in my mind…

Well now it’s my turn to begin a new tradition and that’s just what the Loehner family is going to do! I plan on taking Mini Me and Baby #2 {we’re failures, still no name chosen!} to frequent the Eastgate Jungle Jim’s. I love the atmosphere that the Route 4 locations has had all of these years and I’m sure it’ll carry right on over!

I was so excited to watch the WLWT segment as it showed the front of the store beginning to take shape! Be sure to check it out, hopefully I’m not the only 20-something year old getting excited over a new grocer!

Do you have any Jungle Jim’s stories you’d like to share?