Kroger | How To Obtain Kroger Mailers

A reader, Jamie, wanted to know what kinda coupon that is in the above picture – it’s a Manufacture coupon that I received in a Kroger mailer.

These manufacture coupons can be used elsewhere, being that it states MANUFACTURE COUPON – however, YMMV. I’ve tried to use these at Target stores (can read by Beechmont Target and I go Round and Round article) and haven’t gotten anywhere.

In the instance you don’t receive Kroger mailers give Kroger a call at 1-866-221-4141 and let them know you’d like to begin to receive any Kroger mailers. I receive those types of coupons once a month and they are really high valued ones. They even often contain $2 off $10 in Frozen Food department, FREE items (like DiGiorno for One and Kroger Breakfast Bars) and you’ll receive a different mailer for certain sales. For example during this past Kroger Mega Sale I received coupons a few weeks in advance!

This is why it pays to always keep your eyes open when shopping. I didn’t need anything down that aisle, but, I went down it anyway and found the All detergent on mark down! I saved 42% and went ahead and bought it because I am outta laundry detergent {I know it’s a sad moment for me, we’ve never not had any laundry detergent in the house!}.