What To Purchase in September

Do you know where you can save money by making your purchase at the right time of the year?


In September you can expect to save on summer items that have been dramatically reduced! You’ll save 50% or more on patio sets, grills, outdoor entertaining, clothing and children’s toys!

Labor Day weekend is a great weekend to save with sales! If you are in theĀ  market for a mattress or the new Living Room furniture you’ve been dreaming about pick it up this weekend. You’ll save hundreds of dollars by waiting until Labor Day weekend to make furniture purchases. Remember, just because a store is having a sale doesn’t mean you can’t get it cheaper! If your family are soda drinkers you’ll also wanna stock up on it because this will be the last time you’ll see 12 packs on sale for the remainder of the year.

Did you know that September is National Coupon Month? Well now you do! So expect to see tons of coupons and sales at your local grocery stores popping up after Labor Day weekend. These will be stockpile prices so get ready!

Farmer’s markets are drawing to a close. Consider stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables that can be frozen or canned. This may be a little more work, but, is so worth it in the long run. Have a infant? Consider making your own baby food!

Lastly, you’ll be able to snag some good deals at home stores on items for your home such as linens, bedding, bake ware, etc. So if you’ve got an upcoming wedding you’ll be attending keep that in mind!

What items do you wait until September to purchase?