Coupon 101 | Organizing Your Coupons

For many newbies figuring out the right way to organize your coupons can be overwhelming. Stop wasting money and learn what works from a coupon addict!

When I first started couponing I was the chick in the grocery store with the accordion style system that I had bought at the $1 store. After a few short weeks I outgrew that system and then began only taking the coupons with me that I needed for that shopping trip. I was quick to learn that wouldn’t work either because I was missing out on marked down items and therefore needed to come up with a way to always bring ALL of my coupons with me on every shopping trip, big or small.


Here’s what you need:

– Binder, preferably that zips

– Baseball card holders (sold at Meijer and Walmart)

– Dividers, 2 packets


To set up your coupon binder:

1. Put the baseball card inserts in the prongs of the binder.

2. Next, divide the binder up. The easiest way to do this is to set it up by the store you shop at the most. Then divide it by the aisles as they are laid out in the store. For instance my Kroger aisles are Produce, Cleaning, Pet, Health & Beauty, Baby, etc. and that’s exactly how I have my binder set up.

3. Begin placing your coupons into the sections as you’ll find them in the store. You may need to fold your coupons in half, but, make sure the item can easily be found.

4. Consider placing a zippered bag with holes into the front of your coupon binder. Mine has a clear window and allows me to store a pair of scissors, pens and business cards! In addition, I’ll grab blinkies, MIR’s, tearpads, etc. and place into the zippered bag and then file away later!


Now that your coupon binder is all set up you are probably anxious to gather some coupons! Click here to get printing!


  1. I need to get a binder, I don’t even do the accordian style. I cut them and just hold them in my hand and end up not using half of them because I cant find them…..

    bbrandy2002 at gmail