Savings 101 | Do You “Check In”?

Do you often “check-in” with Foursquare or Facebook? If not, you might wanna consider where you check in at to get yourself some super secret discounts!

I’ve been tellin’ ya’ll about Becoming Mom and the great services they offer, but, if you check-in while you are there, you’re able to see the deal that the business is offering that day. Another great location to “check-in” on are restaurants. I know I like to “check-in” to Great Scott restaurant to save my family a few bucks every time we dine there {BTW, it’s one of our fav restaurants in Cincinnati!}.

Honestly, I’m not one to “check-in”. I just don’t like the idea of people knowing where I am, even if there is a great deal involved! So, do you “check-in”?


The Meijer store addict for Cincinnati Coupons is Cindy of Happy Homemaker Cindy.