Savings 101 | Change Adds Up

Do you have a BIG container that is designated to loose change? If not, I strongly suggest you get one and keep it on your dresser, up in a closet or on the kitchen counter because change adds up.

Over the course of the year we put our loose change from the day into a money counter (can pick up at Target for around $15-$20). At the end of the year {usually around Christmas} we take our change to the bank and make a deposit into our savings account. Over the past 5 years we average $350. I’ll admit, I am a quarter hoarder. I love me some quarters for cleaning the cars with!

Do you save change or do you spend it?


  1. I save it.. have a big jar that I throw change in when I clean out my pockets, purse and what I find in the laundry… it does add up, I think the most I have saved before spending was a little over $400 .. it came in handy for the kids birthday parties!

  2. At bedtime we clean out our change and let our two daughters split it and put it into their piggy banks for college. Periodically, the kids help us count, roll and deposit the money into their savings account. Showing the kids their quarterly bank statements with interest payments — what teaching moments about the value of saving!