Sponsored Post: Vote for Reach by design Toothbrush



Walmart Reach




Reach and Walmart have partnered together and were offering a $2 off printable coupon when you designed a toothbrush! Well the designing process has now come to an end and they are turning to you for votes!

Walmart Reach










What designs would your family reach for? Is it something more colorful, perhaps a character or sports logo? Whatever the design vote for the design you would actually purchase and use! To vote, head to https://see.walmart.com/reach/

The voting process takes just a few moments.

1. Simply fill out a few small details about yourself.

2. Scroll through the pages until you find the design that you’d like to have in your bathroom!

3. After you hit “vote” you are then able to print off your coupon!

4. You can come back every day to vote until 10/6/11!

In addition, did you know that you should change your toothbrush every 3 months? Well now you do! At the beginning of every season pick up a new toothbrush! Being that I haven’t paid for toothbrushes in over 3 years and have a stockpile you can bet that we change our toothbrushes more often than that in the Loehner household 😉




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