J.C. Penney Slashing Prices To Benefit Consumers

I love when stores feel the need to compete, that allows the consumers to save more and purchase more!

On Feb. 1, J.C. Penney will be utilizing a multi-tiered strategy that offers “Every Day” low pricing on daily basis! The retailer will also offer “Monthly Value” discounts on select merchandise each month and clearance deals called “Best Price”. So while you will see less “sales” you’ll be in the know on prices which is something to get excited about! I’m willing to bet other retailers will begin to follow in the footsteps!

By comparing statistics from the previous year this will base when a item goes on sale and prices will be then buy by at least 40%. Another tip you’ll wanna remember is that every time a price gets change the product will also get a new tag. The color coded tagging system will represent the “level” of pricing. So, a red tag indicates an “Every Day” price, a white tag a “Monthly Value” and a blue tag a “Best Price.”

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