Cincinnati Based, P&G, To Develop Smartphone Coupons

It was announced earlier this week that the Cincinnati based company, Procter and Gamble is partnering with a California start-up company, MoBeam, to develop the way we use our smartphones and coupons. Much like how us money saving addicts use our smartphones to save at stores like Target (get the ShopKick app if you haven’t already!) P&G wants to help consumers use coupons at all stores throughout the country. With Cincinnati being third in the county for coupon redemption the corporate world is now listening with mobile coupons!

Many retailers are unable to scan mobile phone simply because they utilize red-laser scanners. This technology the duo plans to test out sometime this year will change the way the world saves money and that’s something we are all about! Not to mention the millions of dollars in advertising the company will save 😉

So stay tuned and I’ll let you know when this application becomes available!

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