Inexpensive Handmade Flowers Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day


// In case you haven’t heard Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13. For me personally I like to receive handmade gifts that my children have created. I then save what I can and put into a scrapbook and if it can’t be put into a scrapbook I’ll take a picture of it and scrap it that way.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Cardstock (any color will do)

Bendable Straws or Pipe Cleaner (we’ve used both)




Option 1: Toilet Paper Roll and Scrapbook or Construction Paper

Option 2: Clay Pot from craft store (Visit RMN and search for Michael’s & Hobby Lobby coupons!) and styrofoam

Instructions for Flowers

1. Trace your little ones hand (or let them do it if old enough!) on the cardstock

2. Cut out the handprint.

3. Using a pencil roll the fingers backwards along the pencil to create a petal.

4. Roll the palm of the handprint and secure with tape to create your flower. Make sure to leave a small hole that’s tight enough to hold the “stem” (straw or pipe cleaner).

5. Insert the straw or pipe cleaner as the stem through the flower. You may need to use a small piece of tape to attach.

6. Create a bouquet with the flowers and insert into your vase.

Instructions for Vase

If you are using a toilet paper for your vase measure the toilet paper length and width and cut scrapbook or construction paper to size. Simply place your flowers and you’re done!

If you are using a clay pot insert a piece of styrofoam into the pot to allow your flowers to stand upright. Insert your flowers into the stryofoam and considering adding “grass” to make the visual a little more pleasing.

Mini Me and I did these two years ago and they are still around asĀ  a decoration that we both enjoy. You can make these extra special by writing the child’s name and age onto them and even adding glitter glue to the flowers to give them a little sparkle…who doesn’t love sparkle?!?

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What’s one of the most memorable gifts that you’ve received for Mother’s Day?