Need Contacts? Consider 1-800-Contacts

With the birth of my first daughter {4 1/2 years ago….GASP!} I quickly learned that I was going to be wearing glasses for the rest of my life. With the birth of my second daughter {7 months ago!} I went from far sighted to near sighted…true story! With a baby and a crazy life I’ve been leading I’m quickly realizing that wearing glasses is going to quickly become a thing of the past. Seriously, Sissy has taken my glasses off my face twice now and poked me in the eye….Momma wasn’t happy, but, what was I to do?!?

I’m not one to poke myself in the eye and working the courage up to go get yet another eye exam and get measured for contacts. Growing up my Mom always had contacts in and NEVER wore glasses and not to mention I look MUCH better without glasses. So I’ve been researching the cost of contacts and can’t figure out why the prices vary so much. I understand that some you wear one time and throw them out while others will last a year…so why the fluctuation in price?

I’ve checked out 1-800-contacts and have been very pleased with being able to answer my questions. Not only do they beat their competitors price, but, they offer FREE Shipping on orders over $50. With all major brands such as Acuvue lenses, Bausch & Lomb, Proclear and Biofinity, along with specialty toric contact lenses, colored contacts ( and bifocal lenses, you’ll always find what you’re looking for.I also LOVE the fact that you can schedule a eye exam directly from their website!

In addition,1-800-contacts has a promise to you that they’ll beat any competitors price by 2%! So if you are in the market for contacts be sure to check out 1-800-contacts. So, if you happen to find a lower price on your contact lenses choose one of the following options to get your discount:

  1. Call them at 1-800-222-2860
  2. Chat online with a live representative
  3. Email us at after you complete your online order and we’ll refund the difference. Please include your customer number and a link to the lower price.

Have you ordered your contacts from 1-800-Contacts? Leave a comment below with your experience!

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