No Shame In Asking For Help

Last night I watched a special on Dateline called “America Now”. It was a very eye opening and educational show that highlighted Americans that are the new Low Middle Class. My heart aches for not only the families that allowed the show to tell their story, but for ANYONE who has been effected by this crisis that’s going on in our country right now.

Let’s face it – in today’s economy it’s TOUGH to get a job. I’ve witnessed this with my own Mother and two Brothers. To make ends meet you need to have a skilled trade or a college education. Everyone knows someone that’s been hit hard by the troubling times and I want to share my families stories real quick.

My Mom was laid off from her job after being employed for a year and a half. She was driving an hour and half one way to work and decided it was time to move closer to her work. Within 6 months after moving into her apartment the job was dissolved and the company shut the doors. This was after she was let go from a well known tax firm in Cincinnati two years prior…so it’s been a rough few years for my Mom trying to make ends meet.

For one of my brothers, he was FIRED by a HUGE local car dealership. He is in the National Guard and got injured during training. He had several rounds of doctors appointment, physical therapy, shots and chiropractor visits to try to get the injury under control. While jumping threw hoops he finally got a MRI only to show that his pinch nerve in his back got worse. My brother was FIRED the day before his surgery…therefore, because he wasn’t “currently employed” at the time of his surgery (FROM MILITARY INJURY) he wasn’t paid during the 6 months that he was off work trying to manage the pain that was still occuring in his back. Just found out last week he’s going for another MRI because he’s still not the same and in pain…Thankfully, he did find another job further away from home and he’s been able to work through his pain so that at the end of the day he has income coming in.

So if you take the time to listen, someone very close to you is being affected by the downed economy. That’s why we can come together and educate those around about the resources that are there to utilize until one can stand tall on their own. While watching the show, the women were so ashamed they had to utilize a food pantry every two weeks to be able to feed their children. There is no shame in asking for help…because at the end of the day when you are able, you can give back twice what you received.

Over the coming weeks I am going to utilize the website to continue to grow the resources for those in need. If you are in need of any type of help you can look around at the Obtain Assistance section. If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate consider doing so to your local church, food pantry or other organizations.

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