What To Purchase In August

As the summer comes to a close lots of craziness begins with preparing the kiddos back into school mode. But, don’t fret. Know what deals you can expect to see throughout the month of August and save your family hundreds of dollars. As always, to maximize your savings – plan ahead.

1. Back 2 School items – this is often a huge list for a parent of one child to tackle, yet alone multiple children. There are huge savings that are already rolling in as you can see in the Back 2 School matchups. This isn’t limited either. You can save on everything from writing utensils to dorm items. With the average family spending over $600 on back to school shopping, you deserve to save!

2. Hotels – if you have been putting off that trip that you’ve been talking about since January, now is the time to book it! This is when the “off season” begins for thousands of destinations and the crowds begin to clear out. So you may have the entire beach to yourself!

3. Summer Clothing – From swim suits to tank tops you’re going to be seeing the clearance racks overflowing with summer clothing. Two things here: 1. Think layers when purchasing for back to school clothing 2. Plan for next year and purchase a size (or two) bigger!

4. Patio Furniture & Kids Summer Toys – since the weather will begin to start cooling off {yeah this humidity and heat wave will end sooner than later!} there will be less of us spending time outside. Therefore stores will begin to liquidate patio sets, tables, chairs, gazebos, pools and all the kiddos summer toys like bubbles, squirt guns, slip-n-slides, etc. If your grill is getting old, you will also wanna keep your eyes open on closeout prices.

5. Televisions – believe it or not, the prices are already beginning to come down in price. Retailers are giving us a sneek preview of what to expect to pay during Black Friday and hey, I’m not complaining!