7 Items You Should Be Purchasing From Your Drugstores

Are you new to saving money by shopping at your local drugstores? Are you tired of paying retail prices on things your neighbors are getting for FREE? Whatever the reason here’s the top 10 items you should be purchasing at your local Drug stores:

1. Dish Soap – can get Dawn dish soap for as low as $.75 when you combine a store sale price of $.99 with a $.25 coupon.

2. Diapers – yes, diapers! I typically purchase Huggies Diapers for between $5.99 and $6.99 with a sale and coupon. You can pick up Pampers monthly for around $7.99 after a coupon and sale.

3. Shaving Razors – While some of us are use to getting these for FREE, I think those days have been numbered! Combine a sale, coupon and shopping rewards (Extra Bucks or Register Rewards) and you can pick up name brand razors for around $2.99.

4.Laundry Detergent – I love when the drug stores run sales on laundry detergent. You can typically score 2 bottles for around $4 or less when there’s a Buy One Get 1 FREE sale. You can use two coupons because you are purchasing two coupons. In addition, stores will often offer shopping rewards to you when you purchase X dollar amount!

5. Make Up – watch for clearanced make up products and combine with a coupon for incredible savings! Believe it or not, make up is marked down more than you think 😉

6. Toilet Paper – we all use it and it can get expensive. When you see a sale for around $5 for a 12 pack you should consider purchasing it and looking for a coupon to use. The days of getting FREE toilet paper ended years ago!

7. Over the Counter Medications – ok, stay with me on this one! If you are known to suffer from allergies, get a cold every winter or need some medicine for those aches and pains you’ll wanna keep a eye on sales. You’ll see the biggest discount BEFORE the need for the medications. So late winter, early early spring you’ll see great prices on medications to beat those allergies. In the late summer you will notice deep discounts on cold and flu medications. So during this time be sure to grab the sale prices and combine with a coupon for unbelievable deals!

What are items that you are finding yourself purchasing more and more of at the drug store?