Get a Quotable Journal & Keep the Memories For Just $12

// Kids say the cutest things don’t they? Mini Me says something hysterical every day…for instance, last night she woke up in the middle of the night and came in my bedroom and woke up Daddy to ask if she could go poopie in our bathroom. Of course he said YES! So, she flicked the light on and back off not to wake me {thoughtful gesture!} and did her duties. She then climbed into bed and said “I guess my belly couldn’t digest all that chocolate milk and it made my belly hurt.” I started laughing and wonder where she learns this stuff?!?!

Anyhow, the Quotable Journal is a unique, creative and interactive book that is perfect for documenting the things children say and you always want to remember. You can also personalize your book with up 19 photos and keep it handy. It’s a beautiful and simple way to record quotes while they’re fresh, and treasure them for years to come. It would be a great gift to give them when your babies, have babies or as a unique Baby Shower gift!

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