Talk With Your Children About Fire Safety

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LA  few nights ago, as I dose back off to sleep, I kept hearing sirens. While it’s not unusual to hear them in the distance these sirens were to close for comfort. So as I glanced outside I saw lights flashing and knew it wasn’t a good sign. I told the Hubs I was heading outside {just incase he were to hear the buzzer for the alarm he wouldn’t wake up wondering WTH and reach for a lil something!}.

I was shocked at the sight I saw in the night sky. A home just 5 houses down was burning, flames 20 feet+ high were shooting out of the top of the roof. As I came to the realization the extend of the fires, my adrenaline began to flow and I began to pray. I prayed that noone was harmed and that the children in the home were out of the home safely. Apparently, the family hadn’t been living in the home and I thank God for that.

After being outside watching the progress of the fire fighters getting the fire under control the Hubs and I realized now was a good time to start talking to Mini Me about fire safety, to create our exit plan and double check the smoke detectors.



So the morning after the fire, I taught my 4 1/2 year old about fire, what to do incase of a fire and where we’d meet. She is a smart little girl { a little to smart at times!} and as we went over our plan, of course she had questions. I was very surprised at how much she already knew and some of the questions that rolled out of her mouth.

Another thing that has been alarming is the fact that very few of our neighbors knew nothing of the fire. I’m sorry, but, how do you not hear 9 fire engines pull into the neighborhood? There were over 15 emergency vehicles on our corner streets and that disturbs me. In addition, a neighbor from the street behind the burning home was the one who called because the flames were so high he could see them over the tree tops. So please look out for one another and YOU become the one that creates a sense of community in your neighborhood.

This week we plan to play with the smoke detectors so that she is aware of the sound and what it means. We want her to know not to be afraid of the buzzing of the smoke detector {like I was as a child}, but, that it means it’s time to get out of the house as fast and safely as possible.

Have you gone over fire safety with your children? Leave a comment below with how it went and any suggestions, comments or concerns about fire safety.