Savings 101 | Begin Planning Your Fall & Winter Menus

For beginner couponers the excitement of being able to save money is an addiction. To get the most out of those hard earned dollars you’ll need to begin to do a menu plan.

With the changes of the seasons amongst us {whether we like it or not!} we are already beginning to see sales for recipes that you’ll make more often in the fall and winter months. For instance at the Kroger Mega Sale is a great time to pay attention to items that you’ll keep using over the coming months.

We’ll begin to see sales on a lot more baking items, soups, meats, and warm beverages. So begin to plan out what your menus will look like from September until March/April and begin to write out your grocery lists.

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Also, consider freezer cooking. I’ll have more on that in October!


  1. Indeed, coupons give us additional savings. When grocery shopping, I buy in bulk because I can get more discount. That’s another savings!