Save Up to $80 on Gun Safes, Free Shipping

If you are a gun owner (or thinking about getting a gun for home protection) you can save up to 50% off at There’s a couple of different brands and sizes to chose from. Be sure to ship to your local Meijer store to receive FREE Shipping!

GunVault MiniVault Gun SafeGunVault MiniVault Gun Safe – $74.99 (RV $144.49)

The GunVault MiniVault Gun Safe offers you optimum security for your home at an affordable price. It keeps prying hands out while allowing you fast access when you need it. It features an eyes free keypad and heavy 16 gauge steel construction.

Gun Vault NV400 Nano Vault Digital Safe BlackNano Vault Digital Safe – $49.99 (RV $129.99)

The Gun Vault NV400 Nano Vault Gun Safe is a compact, secure, and affordable hand gun storage safe solution. The next evolution in the Nano Vault line, this gun safe features an easy-to-operate digital lock system and is perfect for home, travel, or concealed-weapon permit holders. The Nano Vault 400 meets TSA airline firearm guidelines and fits discreetly in a bag, briefcase, desk, or under a vehicle seat. Perfect for storing passports, watches, rings, money, documents, and other valuables as well. The Nano Vault 400 features sturdy 21-gauge steel construction and 1-1/4″ thick memory foam interior. Each unit comes standard with a 1,500 lb test security cable. When the cable is wrapped around any fixed object and slid over the lock receiver inside the security box, both the Nano Vault and any valuables will be securely attached inside the safe

GunVault GVB3000 Drawer Vault Biometric Gun Safe Gunvault Drawer Vault Biometic Gun Safe – $209.99 (RV $339.99)

Add a security solution designed for any room in your home with GunVault’s Drawer Vault Biometric Handgun Safe. The drawer safe fits and operates in most standard drawers, making it the perfect place to store your handgun, passports and other essential documents, cash, or any other small valuables. Featuring powerful fingerprint recognition technology, a high-performance algorithm is used to achieve speedy identification of enrolled fingerprints with a very low False Reject Rate (FRR) for a given False Accept Rate (FAR). This self-learning algorithm adds new minutiae to the fingerprint templates each time a user touches the fingerprint scanner, decreasing the likelihood of FRR, updating slight changes that might occur over time, and distinguishing variations. The biometric gun vault can handle up to 120 fingerprint templates.


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