How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

I will admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to garage sales. Honestly, it’s kinda like a scavenger hunt for me and I enjoy meeting new people and it’s a way to save BIG!

I have held two garage sales myself. One was for my Mother in Law about 5 years ago and I had my first one at our house last year. It is a lot of work to have a successful garage sale, but, it’s sure to pay off!

1. ORGANIZATION is my top tip AGAIN! If the garage sale is unorganized people will run off quickly. You want them to stay around, wonder and BUY! Separate womens clothing from the mens and have them on opposite sides of the garage sale. Have the children’s clothing separated from boys and girls. Also break them down into sizes. Doing so will allow the buyer to purchasing MORE!

Set your garage sale up as if you were a store. You would not have clothing sitting on couches, kitchen utensils in a box with clothing, etc. This is my BIGGEST pet peeve when going to garage sales.

2. EVERYTHING must have a price attached to it. The cheapest way to do this is to take index cards and cut them up. Use a stapler to attach to clothing items, draperies, linens, etc. If it is an appliance, knick knack, candle, etc. simply use a piece of tape to attach the index card. If the item does not have a price, most people will not ask how much it is. This also allows for negotiations!

If your friends, family or neighbors are bringing items to sell, make sure that they have a price tag on all their items, along with their initials. At checkout simply write down the price of the item with the sellers initials and total up at the end of the day.

3. CLEAN garage sales go further. This shows you took care of your items and that is also hasn’t been sitting around for the past 10 years. Noone wants an item that’s dirty! If it’s an “oldie” that needs refinished, simply wipe the item down. DO NOT PAINT IT. Buyers love purchasing things they can restore!

4. FREE box is for EVERYONE. Set the FREE box out at the beginning of the garage sale. This will attract “bargain buyers” and also those “flea marketers”.

5. DRINKS everyone loves! I had a cooler with soft drinks and water last year. They sold out both days I had the garage sale! This allows the buyers to stick around longer as they are quenching their thirst!

6. ADVERTISE is a MUST. Direct your buyers from all major roadways surrounding your house with BRIGHT colored signage. Mark keywords like FREE, CHEAP, etc. Also advertise on Craigslist, Garage Sale Cow, etc. These services are FREE! If you are participating in a neighborhood garage sale, pass out flyers to other garage sales letting them know what you have. Often times, buyers are looking for particular items and they will ask others.

I hope this makes you more money at your next garage sale! If you are having one let me know and I’ll add it to the Cincinnati Coupons calendar.

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  1. I will have one on Saturday in Walton KY! Thanks for this tips! Really helpful 🙂


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