Are Couponers Treated with Respect Or A Thief?

So I have a confession to make…

Ever since I was pregnant with Sissy I fell off the coupon band wagon. Now, I’ve still been getting great deals, but, I haven’t been saving my family the $116 a week on average I had been doing…ya know, in my “coupon prime”! My New Years goal was to get back on the train and start saving my family money again because 1. I was good at it and 2. I loved the thrill of challenging myself every week. I secretly tried to challenge myself to save more and more on the budget every week…but, that’s where stockpiling comes in —- and well…..mine is GONE!

So, I ordered by coupons like I usually did every Sunday from Coupon Dede and there the coupons sit…on top of my microwave with the envelope unopened. I think the reason I don’t have the drive anymore is because of the ways the stores treat me. My local Kroger store treats me as if I am going to go re-sell the product I am buying (they really think I do that!) while my Beechmont Target stores frowns upon the coupons and gives me a feeling as I am a thief.

Now, I will say that there are cashiers out there (whom I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with) that are more excited than me to see my savings. They’ll even tell the other cashiers and customers in line on how much I saved and applaud me for my efforts! However, it seems as if those cashiers are coming scarce and that saddens me.

So I want to know, good or bad, how you feel as a “couponer”? Do you find yourself using coupons less because of how you are treated? Do you have a store that you particularly like because they are pleasant to you and your pile of coupons?

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