Seeking Donations for Bake Me Home

Ya’ll should know by now that I LOVE to give back to the Cincinnati Community. It first began with the Brighton Center, Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry, Interparish Ministries, The Bread of Life Food Pantry and now Bake Me Home is being added to the list!
My oldest daughter, Mini Me, recently turned 5! I recently introduced her to twin sisters Amy and Emma after we did a little Christmas donating and were baking Christmas cookies. Mini Me thought what the girls were doing was great and she got excited! She asked if we could collect donations at her birthday party for the Bake Me Home organization and I gladly accepted her request! So Mini Me’s birthday came and we have a great time at the Glow in The Dark party we had with family and friends. We came home and sorted through the gifts and was pleasantly surprise at how our last minute donation request worked out!
Here’s how you can help!
– 5×7 Picture Frames (new and gently used)
– Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
– Montary Donations

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Any amount of money can be a big help.  Here are some examples of what we can do with your donation:

  • $1.00 will buy the ink and paper for 1 family portrait
  • $5.00 will buy enough brown sugar for 30 jars of cookie mix
  • $50 will buy 300 toothbrushes
  • $100 will buy cookie mix jars for 25 families
  • $1000 will buy baking supply kits for 200 families

85¢ of every dollar we spend goes directly to our programs!

If you would like to donate please leave me a comment or shoot me an email at and I will coordinate with you!
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