Cincinnati Losses It’s Title for Third Frugalist City

If you’ve been around for any time, you’ll know that every February I announce where Cincinnati ranks in terms of being a “Frugal City”. Well it’s no surprise, but, after being the third frugalist city for the past 3 years running, we have now lost that position. Cincinnati ranks thirteenth now and shows we are not using coupons like we once were.

Here’s how the cities rank for coupon redemption in 2012:
1. Atlanta, GA
2. Orlando, Florida
3. Tampa, Florida
4. Nashville, TN
5. Charlotte, NC
6. Kansas City, MO
7. Boston, MA
8. Cleveland, OH
9. Sacramento, CA
10. St. Louis, MO
11. Washington, DC.
12. Columbus, OH
13. Cincinnati, OH
14. Dallas, TX
15. Virgina Beach, VA
16. Phoenix, AZ
17. Philadelphia, PA
18. Pittsburgh, PA
19. Chicago, IL
20. Milwaukee, WI
21. San Fransisco, CA
22. Detroit, MI
23. Minneapolis, MN
24. Denver, CO
25. Los Vegas, NV

What cities surprise you on the list?

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