How Extreme Couponers Save on Back to School

If you are new to saving money for Back 2 School we’ve got you covered! There are several ways to save on school supplies. If you are a smart shopper who plans ahead, keep your eyes open and stay organized, you’ll be able to save hundreds this school year. Did you know that the average family will spend $606.40 on electronics, school supplies, clothing and shoes this school year? Yeah, that’s a little ridiculous and in this economy, who has that type of money to be throwing away?

1. By registering with and purchasing through the site you’ll be able to start saving for your children’s college tuition. Even if you don’t have children you can create a account to go to a child you are close with. You can even attach your account to your Kroger Plus & CVS ExtraCare cards. Just another great way to save!

2. is another great site that I strongly suggest signing up for. You will earn cash back to making purchases online. One of the best things about is that there is also a section for coupons that can be used for your online purchases! I tend to save up my cash back from for Christmas gifts. This is a great way to save throughout the year, not only for back to school purchases.

3. Did you know that when you use your Staples Rewards you will receive $2 back by recycling ink cartridges or toner? That’s right! Just so happens that I have 6 Epson ink cartridges that need to be recycled! Also, be sure to check out my 7 Ways to Save on Printer Ink article.

4. Walgreens has probably got to be one of my top ways of saving on ink. If you watch their weekly ads they will often run a special for $10 ink refill (color or black). They also tend to run a really good deal around Earth Day every year. If you get your photos printed at Walgreens there are often coupons for ink refills on them as well.

5. One of the easiest ways to purchase FREE school supplies is by rolling your Extra Bucks at CVS. Every week from here until the end of September you’ll be able to make a purchase of an item and receive the purchase price back in Extra Bucks. You can then purchase a different item with your Extra Bucks and receive it for FREE! Be careful as the limit is usually 1.

You can do this every week to receive FREE school supplies. Last year I did this and stocked up on mechanic pencils, scissors, pens, copy paper, rulers, notebooks and folders. This was an easy way to donate to a local family who was unable to purchase school supplies.

6. Target is another great store to shop at for school supplies.You can save hundreds by “stacking” a manufacture coupon along with a Target store coupon. In addition, look for rebates!

7. Don’t purchase book covers, instead reuse those brown bags from the grocery store. I always loved making my own book covers because it let me be creative. Plus after a few months of the books being thrown around in the lockers and bookbags you can easily change out the book cover.

8. When I got to high school, I was always losing my pens and pencils. Can anyone else relate? Have your teens decorate a clean soup can to stick into their locker. That way they can put extra pens and pencils into their locker that they can grab quickly. I wish I would’ve done that back in the day!

9. Clothing can be a bit expensive. Especially when you have “tweens” who gotta be with stylish. Be sure to browse Kohls, JcPenney, The Children’s Place and Target for some great deals on clearance items. Be sure to give these companies you’re email address because all of these stores have great coupons and sales that can be used on clearance clothing. I’ve scored plenty of great deals at Kohls and The Children’s place over these past 3 months!

10. Try to steer clear of the outlet malls. Yes, we have some really great stores, but, there are better options. For example, head down to Hebron, KY to the Gap Outlet. You’ll be able to score 3-5 pair of jeans at the Gap Outlet vs. the price it is for 1 pair at the outlet malls. I was just at the new Premium Outlets in Monroe this past weekend and there were not many great deals. However, if you must go be sure to sign up for the VIP Club at Premium Outlets. You will receive a coupon and then you’ll redeem that coupon at the Information desk located in the food court. There are some decent coupons.


  1. One of the tricks I learned to save even more on back-to-school items are buying in bulk and using printable coupons and promo codes.. New school year, here we come.