What Type of Couponer Are You, Take the Quiz To Find Out

// What type of couponer are YOU?!? Take the quiz over at Coupons.com and find out. Be sure to come back and leave a comment  below with what you are: After answering questions about your saving and grocery shopping habits, you’ll be told about your coupon personality, which include: Coupon Convert – You’re a newbie to the world of couponing but have quickly discovered the thrill that comes with watching your grocery receipts shrink. You keep an eye out for {Read More}

Battle of Same Day Shipping & Why You Win!

// If you enjoy being in the crowds during the Holiday Shopping Season, then you should work in retail! There are folks much like myself who are shopping online more and more with each passing day. That’s where online companies like Amazon.com and Walmart.com are getting creative and offering a Same Day Delivery Service to you, the consumer. Amazon.com offers select products as same day shipping for about $9 and then a $.99 charge for every item that receives the {Read More}

Score All You Magazine For Just $1 a Issue – High Value Coupons in Every Issue

// Here’s the deal: $24 for a two-year subscription to All You (24 issues) — that’s $1/issue! All You Magazine offers High-value coupons on products you already purchase and will be an asset in any household.  Not only does the mag include coupons, but, shows you how to purchase things like clothing that you can afford and will actually want to wear, exercise tips you can use every day and advice from real women like you! Not to mention the {Read More}

My Experience With Printable Coupons Scanning at Kroger Mega Sale

// I had a horrible time at Kroger today. It was my first trip to the Kroger Mega sale at my Amelia location {Shout out to ya girls!}. We were unable to get the printable coupons to scan. Then the manager came over and tried to enter them into the system manually and was unable to do that. She received an error code “Item Code Not Found”. She then noticed that my coupons were a different value than the ones {Read More}

Breaking News: Dollar Tree Will Be Accepting Coupons in Cincinnati

// Update – 8/21/12 – 4:29 PM It’s true! Cincinnati area Dollar Tree stores and stores across the nation will begin to accept coupons. The official Dollar Tree Coupon Policy can be found here. Here’s what it looks like: IN-STORE COUPON ACCEPTANCE: GUIDELINES & LIMITATIONS DOLLAR TREE WILL ACCEPT COUPONS IN STORES BEGINNING SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 2012 Only original and intact manufacturers’ coupons will be accepted. Retailer-specific coupons will not be accepted. Meaning you can’t use a Target or Walgreens, {Read More}

Are You “Claiming” Facebook Offers?

If you aren’t on Facebook you should be! Here’s just another reason why. Companies are beginning to reach out to their customers more and more on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. By following them you will receive benefits like coupons, special offers and even know of deals before anyone else. Just this morning I found these two offers to help get you started: Buy One Small Sub & Get a Second Small Sub for $1! – Quiznos Save {Read More}

Why You May Wanna Consider Where You Park While Grocery Shopping

// Parking further away at the grocery store {or anywhere you are!} can make you walk a little further and burn a few extra calories! But, when you park further away you’ll be less likely to receive a door ding, broken tail light or worse, a broken window from those carts! Yes, it’s true. With the storms that have rolled through the tri-state over the past few weeks customers cars have had scratch up doors and broken windows. So be {Read More}

Are You Following CC on Reclipit?

I’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook isn’t playing nicely with us “bloggers”. They want us to pay to promote our articles and get more of you to view them and I simply can’t afford to do that. It costs me money to operate this site smoothly and I’ll say it, I hardly make any income doing it. That said, can you join us on Reclipit? Reclipit.com is a fairly new site that allows us frugal people to watch folders {Read More}

Can You Take A Moment & Vote For CC

Circle of Moms is currently asking Money Saving Sites to be submitted and have readers vote for their favorites. That’s where you come in! All ya gotta do is vote and takes less than 5 seconds. So Vote for Cincinnati Coupons NOW! (Hit CTRL + F and type in Cincinnati Coupons to find us easier – we were #46 with 55 votes). From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! In the instance CC wins it’ll bring big changes for {Read More}

Identify Produce By Learning The Price Look Up Codes (PLU)

Have you ever stopped in your tracks in the produce department and wondered where the organic produce was? Perhaps you have neither thought about where your produce comes from or even cared. Well now that you ate reading this educate yourself on how to differentiate between organic, conventionally grown and genetically grown produce. So What’s the Difference? Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. {Read More}

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