ALL NEW – January Valpak Hit Homes this Week!

ATTENTION! The January Valpak hit homes this week – including their BRAND NEW logo! Check it out! Included with the new envelope/logo comes A LOT of hot offers for local businesses in Cincinnati & Dayton! You could win $2,500 to be financially fit and to keep your healthy resolution this year! Enter the contest at Keep your eye out for the $100 Instant Winner Envelopes! Checks are randomly inserted into the envelopes. Follow us on Facebook! – Enter our {Read More}

One of Cincy’s Best Holiday Traditions!

The December Valpak hit homes today! There are tons of great coupons to fulfill this holiday season!  One being Entertrainment Junction, Cincinnati’s best holiday tradition and a must see attraction! In the envelope and on you will find a $3 OFF Do It All Admission coupon that includes all 3 attractions.  The coupon is great for up to 6 admissions too. The 3 attractions include: Train Journey (the worlds largest model train display), Christmas Journey, and A-Maze-N FunHouse (the {Read More}

A Fun Holiday Adventure!

Many ask, as the holidays get closer and closer, what is there to do with family? What could be more perfect than the Holiday In Lights drive through light up show at Sharon Woods Park! The Holiday In Lights show is now open every night through New Years! So fill up the family car and take them through the light show at Sharon Woods. It’s normally $13 per vehicle but you can save $2 with your Valpak coupon! Either in {Read More}

Family Fun Places to Go in Cincinnati

The Beach Waterpark Valpak Coupon for Family Fun

Cincy is full of fun places to visit! Where is one of the hottest places to visit this summer you ask? The Beach Waterpark of course! The Beach is your go-to place for family fun this summer. There are many rides, attractions, and events to enjoy for a family of all ages! With a huge wave pool, lazy river, water slides, kids play areas, live music, and the brand new zip line; the family entertainment is endless! The next upcoming {Read More}

Seek Financial Assistance on Medical Bills

Many Americans believe that they can’t afford to go to the doctor because they have lost their job and have no insurance. Some families often suffer from a medical condition and we all know how quickly medical bills can rack up…but, don’t let the financial burden get the better of your health. You can seek Financial Assistance to help pay down your medical debt. When you receive that HUGE bill in the mail for your hospital visit, be sure to {Read More}

What to do with Expired Coupons?

Do you have a pile of expired coupons and want to do some good?

Are Couponers Treated with Respect Or A Thief?

So I have a confession to make… Ever since I was pregnant with Sissy I fell off the coupon band wagon. Now, I’ve still been getting great deals, but, I haven’t been saving my family the $116 a week on average I had been doing…ya know, in my “coupon prime”! My New Years goal was to get back on the train and start saving my family money again because 1. I was good at it and 2. I loved the {Read More}

Does it Pay to Coupon?

I challenge you doubters! Over the next 2 weeks, use coupons frequently. Come back, let me know of your savings and that you are becoming ADDICTED TO SAVING MONEY! I’ve got prizes to giveaway too!

How Many Newspapers Should I Purchase Every Week?

If you ask any couponer how many newspapers to buy the answer will vary. But, here’s my opinion. Purchase a minimum of two papers and never buy an odd amount! Why, you ask? When stores run a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (BOGO) sale, you’re able to use 2 coupons as long as they are a dollar amount off 1 item. This is especially great if we have a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (BOGO) coupon to combine with a {Read More}

Marci’s Not So Extreme Stockpile + How To Organize Stockpile

Marci’s shares her stockpile with you as well as tips on how to keep your stockpile organized.

5 Ways to Save Money Throughout the New Year

This is a guest post written by Mindy Clairbel. Mindy runs MyCCFinder, a website that offers several Online Coupons promo codes, and hot deals on just about everything. We are always looking for ways to save money and to make our dollar go farther. If that is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, it’s a great one to have! Being wise with your money will allow you much more freedom, and is a great lifestyle change to make. This New {Read More}

Research Studies in Cincinnati

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Helpful Winter Car Tips

Check out these tips that will help your automobile get through winter.

Getting Organized on a Dime

By Professional Organizer Lea Schneider of Organizing products can cost a pretty penny…ur, dollar or dollars. Those lovely wicker baskets lined in decorator colors are not cheap. The fabulous built-in closets can require a loan. But, you don’t need that pretty penny to get and stay organized. Getting organized is really about what is going on in you rather than what you own. It’s about finding a new routine for doing things or a new way to store things {Read More}

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

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