Helpful Winter Car Tips

Check out these tips that will help your automobile get through winter.

Can You Afford A New Car?

Should you repair your current vehicle, or get a new one? That is the question!

Gas Savings Tips That Really Work

How To Save | Car Care and Your Fuel Gauge

Did you know running your tank on E can actually cost you money?

Murphy USA | Find Out How to Save $.10 Per Gallon

You can now save $.10 at Murphy USA gas stations and it’s super easy!

Guest Post: How to Save Money When Purchasing a Car

  Let’s face it, everyone loves saving money, whether it be a few thousand dollars or a couple hundred any discount is acceptable. In order to save the most money on a used car, one must follow a few simple steps. Paying cash: It isn’t a secret that car dealerships love receiving cash for cars. Now you may be asking yourself “why would they care?” There are several reasons why dealerships appreciate getting paid in cash. For one, when a {Read More}

Save Yourself | Debit Card Holds When Paying At The Pump

John Matarese did a story last night on WCPO and thought it would be great to bring this to your attention as well. For years gas stations have put a “Pre-Authorization” or “Debit Card Holds” onto your account when you select “Debit Card” when paying at the pump. This allows the gas stations to put a hold on your account. For some the bank hold is as low as $1, while others go in upwards of $150. If you are {Read More}

Pay Cash for Your Next Vehicle

Stop writing that check every month for your car payment!

Tips for Traveling With Young Children

Are you planning a family road trip in the near future?  If so, you’re probably wondering how it will turn out since you’ve got little ones to bring with you this time.  The days of traveling as you please with your spouse are now over, and it’s all about diaper changing stops, and the repeated question of “How much longer?” Although times are now different, having fun is still capable.  In order to make sure the children are happy on this trip as {Read More}

Save Money On Car Repairs: Checking Your Fluids

With the cold weather amongst us it is important to make sure your fluid levels are at their proper levels. There is nothing worse than being out of washer fluid with wet roads and no moisture falling to keep the windshield clean…nasty! Also, make sure that you have the correct anti-freeze in your radiator to avoid a major catastrophe!

Save Money On Car Repairs: Replacing Headlights

Being that it is winter, your headlights are on earlier than usual. Be sure to drive safe with proper lighting. Replacing headlights can be a very simple task if you know how to properly install the headlight. Watch this three minute video from Advanced Auto Parts and see how easy it is to change a headlight!

Save Money on Car Repairs: Changing Your Oil

Have you always wondered how to change your own oil? Watch this quick step by step video to learn how.

Save Money On Car Repairs: FREE Services at Advanced Auto Parts

Did you know that auto parts stores offer their services for FREE? You do now!

Saving Money on Fuel

See how I save at least $24 a month in fuel! That’s $288 a year in savings!!!

Save Money on Car Repairs: How to Change a Tire

Being that I am a “grease monkey” {as my Mom calls me!} I thought it was a great idea to bring you tips on how to save yourself money by doing the repairs yourself. For many this time is crazy with traveling to the roads to see friends and family. If you get stuck with a flat tire, you’ll save yourself time and money by changing the tire yourself. Watch this video from Advanced Auto Parts to see how simple {Read More}