ALL NEW – January Valpak Hit Homes this Week!

ATTENTION! The January Valpak hit homes this week – including their BRAND NEW logo! Check it out! Included with the new envelope/logo comes A LOT of hot offers for local businesses in Cincinnati & Dayton! You could win $2,500 to be financially fit and to keep your healthy resolution this year! Enter the contest at Keep your eye out for the $100 Instant Winner Envelopes! Checks are randomly inserted into the envelopes. Follow us on Facebook! – Enter our {Read More}

What to do with Expired Coupons?

Do you have a pile of expired coupons and want to do some good?

Does it Pay to Coupon?

I challenge you doubters! Over the next 2 weeks, use coupons frequently. Come back, let me know of your savings and that you are becoming ADDICTED TO SAVING MONEY! I’ve got prizes to giveaway too!

How Many Newspapers Should I Purchase Every Week?

If you ask any couponer how many newspapers to buy the answer will vary. But, here’s my opinion. Purchase a minimum of two papers and never buy an odd amount! Why, you ask? When stores run a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (BOGO) sale, you’re able to use 2 coupons as long as they are a dollar amount off 1 item. This is especially great if we have a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (BOGO) coupon to combine with a {Read More}

Marci’s Not So Extreme Stockpile + How To Organize Stockpile

Marci’s shares her stockpile with you as well as tips on how to keep your stockpile organized.

Plan Ahead, It’ll Save You Thousands

By planning ahead for purchases it’ll keep you organized. By being organized you’ll be able to save yourself thousands of dollars every year.

Calculate Coffee Costs

How many coffees do you grab out during the week? You could be saving yourself hundreds of dollars every year!

I Save $116 a Week By Using Coupons

That’s right! I said it…I save $116 a week {on average!} by staying organized and matching coupons with a great sale. But, more importantly I spend $5 a week {on average} and give back approximately $60 a week to my local food pantries! Whenever someone is in line behind me 9 times out of 10 they will comment and say “How did you do that!?!” I simply smile and let them know about my creation here at For most {Read More}

Stockpiling: How Much is to Much?

What is to much when it comes to stockpiling?

It Pays to Pay Attention While Shopping

I was looking around at the baby food at my local Walmart store and realized that the Gerber baby food was $.98 for both the large AND small sizes…of course I went ahead and bought the large sizes. So the next time you are shopping pay attention to the sizes and their price. Sometimes it’s cheaper to purchase the larger size!

Are You “Claiming” Facebook Offers?

If you aren’t on Facebook you should be! Here’s just another reason why. Companies are beginning to reach out to their customers more and more on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. By following them you will receive benefits like coupons, special offers and even know of deals before anyone else. Just this morning I found these two offers to help get you started: Buy One Small Sub & Get a Second Small Sub for $1! – Quiznos Save {Read More}

What To Purchase in July

Find out what you can expect to save on this month.

Coupon 101 | Organizing Your Coupons

For many newbies figuring out the right way to organize your coupons can be overwhelming. Stop wasting money and learn what works from a coupon addict! When I first started couponing I was the chick in the grocery store with the accordion style system that I had bought at the $1 store. After a few short weeks I outgrew that system and then began only taking the coupons with me that I needed for that shopping trip. I was quick {Read More}

Ask the Addicts: Do You Have Stores That You Avoid?

  So I’ve been couponing now for 3 years and it feels great to save my family about $116 a week! What doesn’t feel great is being “profiled” when I walk into certain stores armed with my coupon binder and ready to score some deals. I feel that cashier staring at my every move, questions my coupons as s/he glances down just trying to find something to call the manager over for and says the total in disbelief. There are {Read More}

Coupon Clutch Coupon Organizer System | 10% Off | Ends 8/31

If you are looking for a new coupon organizational system, you might want to check out The coupon Clutch. Right now you can  Save 10% with code AUGUST at the Coupon Clutch. The Coupon Clutch is a binder system covered in designer fabric that is designed to make your standard 2″ three ring binder look like a designer tote. Features a soft, padded outer cover and two interior pockets.