Falling Out Of Debt Series: Paying Down Debt

Now that you have started to Regain Your Credit and are Getting Back on Track now we must talk about how to pay down your debts. The first thing you must realize is to stop using credit, afterall, that’s what go you into this mess. If you must pay with your credit card, make sure that you’re able to pay off the entire amount when the bill comes. Also, NEVER pay a bill with a credit card, you’re paying more {Read More}

Falling Out of Debt Series: Getting On Track

The second most important thing {most important is beginning to maintain your credit} you have to do is get on track. The only way you can begin to get back onto track is to make a list of income, bills and debt. To help get you started I’ve created a Monthly Bills Google Document that you can feel free to print and use. Be sure that all of your bills are included in this sheet. We are all use to {Read More}

Falling Out Of Debt Series: Regaining Your Credit

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Couponing Helps Get Rid Of Debt Once and For All

I’d say for 95% of us who coupon we started because we needed to save money. The first time you save over $40 at the grocery store, you’ll never shop any other way again {afterall we are addicted to saving money here at CincinnatiCoupons.net!}. The average American has $14,750 in credit card debt. That should be an eye opener to us all! To help pay down your debt you may have turned to couponing. To begin paying down your debt {Read More}

Add $1,825 a Year To Pay Down Your Credit Card Debt

You can pay $1,825 a year towards your credit card debt with this easy tip!