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Save on Home Energy Bills & Keep Cool

If you live in Cincinnati you know the heat and humidity can show it’s face within a moments notice. My friend (and mentor) Heather aka LittleMissKnowItAll published some money saving tips when it comes to keeping your home cooler and I wanted to share them with you. Be sure to visit Heather over at Turn off the lights. A traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb can heat a small room as much as five degrees in one hour. If it {Read More}

PINSpired | Effectively Clean Your Chalk Wall With a Cleaning Product Found In Your Laundry Room

I’ve about had it. We finished our basement last winter and I thought it was a good idea to put a chalk wall downstairs since it was the playroom. After using it a couple times I just couldn’t get the damn thing clean and I HATED looking at the streaks in the wall {Call it OCD or whatev!}. So yesterday was my last attempt at getting it clean BEFORE I added a few more layers of the chalk paint to {Read More}

Can Using Products With A Pump Really Save You Money?

Have you ever noticed that when you use products that have a pump that you are saving money? It’s true…sit back and think about it. When using a shampoo bottle that has a pump you are able to get just enough product versus squeezing out a handful of shampoo…c’mon we’ve all done it, right?!? How about while standing at the kitchen sink with the PILE of dishes sitting there waiting for you to scrub them…I’ll admit that I give a {Read More}

Save Some Money With Homeownership (Including Re-Financing)