Will Sam’s Club Saves You Money?

What To Purchase In August

As the summer comes to a close lots of craziness begins with preparing the kiddos back into school mode. But, don’t fret. Know what deals you can expect to see throughout the month of August and save your family hundreds of dollars. As always, to maximize your savings – plan ahead. 1. Back 2 School items – this is often a huge list for a parent of one child to tackle, yet alone multiple children. There are huge savings that {Read More}

Quick Tip Tuesday | Are You Pulling Your Yearly Credit Report

Quick Tip Tuesday | Lowering The Cost on Auto & Home Insurance

What To Purchase in April and May

Know what to expect to save on during April and May.

Easter Eggs Pull Double Duty

This year don’t let those Easter Eggs get tossed away!

Marci’s Best Tip for Maximizing Your Savings

  I was asked today what’s the one piece of advice that everyone can use to save money. That was a easy answer for me. The answer is: Plan Ahead. When you plan ahead you know what’s needed at the grocery store or what items you need to stock back up on. Those who plan ahead already have gifts for their children’s friends birthday parties and maybe even Christmas. Planning ahead will allow you to search for ways to save. {Read More}

Little Known Ways to Save More At The Grocery Store

  I’ve compiled a list of ways to save at the grocery store without even using coupons, gotta love that! 1. Whatever you do, don’t go to the store hungry. Doing so, will add to your overall total, making it much higher than accepted. Also, more times than not, it’s junk food to fill the craving. 2. Look up high and down low! The brain is a miraculous thing. When grocery shopping our eyes tend to stay at eye level. {Read More}

Recycle the Paper From Printable Coupons

Save yourself some money by not purchasing notebooks for those pesky notes while saving the Earth!

Add $1,825 a Year To Pay Down Your Credit Card Debt

You can pay $1,825 a year towards your credit card debt with this easy tip!

Save on Your Heating Bill This Winter

We all know the standard answer to saving money in any area, be it entertainment, groceries or household expenses: cut back. Sometimes you feel you can’t use any less heat or you’ll turn into a human popsicle, or perhaps you have run out of the usual ways to reduce your consumption. This list is designed to give you new ways to reduce your heating bills as we head into the coldest months of the year for all who live in {Read More}

Addicted to Summer Savings Series: Saving on Bills

Did you know there are several ways to save on bills?

Addicted to Saving Series: Save on Appliances

Purchasing appliances can be a HUGE expense. But, it doesn’t have to be!

Addicted to Saving Series: Save By Doing Maintenance

Simple maintenance can save you thousands each year.

Addicted To Savings Series: Updating the Look of Your Home, For Pennies!

Decorating should be fun, not costly!