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I support three coupon clippers. All of them are women owned and a pleasure to deal with! Selling coupons themselves is illegal, you are simply paying for the time to sort, clip, file and ship the coupon! (Ships from OH) (Ships from TX) (Ships from WA)

How Many Newspapers Should I Purchase Every Week?

If you ask any couponer how many newspapers to buy the answer will vary. But, here’s my opinion. Purchase a minimum of two papers and never buy an odd amount! Why, you ask? When stores run a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (BOGO) sale, you’re able to use 2 coupons as long as they are a dollar amount off 1 item. This is especially great if we have a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (BOGO) coupon to combine with a {Read More}

Coupon Carryout 15% Discount on Your Next Coupon Purchase {Exp 7/31/12}

// It’s no secret that I no longer purchase Sunday papers…Instead I order from you clippers like Coupon Carryout! She’s being kind enough to offer you 15% off your next purchase! 15% off your next purchase at www.CouponCarryOut.com. Expires 07-31-2012  Here’s how: Enter JULY15 in the “Discount Coupon” box on the payments page during checkout at CouponCarryout.com! //

Purchase Coupons | Coupon Dede (Ships from TX)

Kroger | How To Obtain Kroger Mailers

A reader, Jamie, wanted to know what kinda coupon that is in the above picture – it’s a Manufacture coupon that I received in a Kroger mailer. These manufacture coupons can be used elsewhere, being that it states MANUFACTURE COUPON – however, YMMV. I’ve tried to use these at Target stores (can read by Beechmont Target and I go Round and Round article) and haven’t gotten anywhere. In the instance you don’t receive Kroger mailers give Kroger a call at {Read More}

Asking CC Readers | Is Purchasing Coupons Illegal?

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts, do you think purchasing coupons from a “clipping service” should be illegal?

Understanding Kroger Ecoupons

Understanding how Kroger eCoupons work can be a little confusing. But, here’s what you need to know: To find the Kroger eCoupons, head over to Kroger.com, click on Instore, then Coupons, and then the image that says “Introducing All New Digital Coupons”. 1. The coupon is valid one time only. Once the coupon has been redeemed, that’s it! 2. Kroger eCoupons DO NOT DOUBLE. 3. If a coupon states $.50/2, this means you must purchase 2 of the item to {Read More}

Coupon Database

I’ve been working on this for a few weeks and so excited to have it launched!